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“Always give greater use value than the cash value you receive.”
-Wallace D. Wattles
My Stand:
I stand for “Recovery is Always an Option!”

My Mission:
To help caregivers and family members reclaim their diagnosed loved one(s) from the chaos of schizophrenia.

My Vision:
I want to help create a world liberated from ALL stigma, no matter the cause..

My Ten Primary Coaching Goals:
1) Helping clients build tools to allow them to interact and have meaningful dialogues with affected loved one(s);
2)Teach coping skills and techniques so clients come from a place of empathetic response rather than frustrated or angry reaction;
3) Preparing for crisis before it occurs;
4) Discuss how to approach a loved one’s refusal to take medication;
5) Work together on the conflict of substituting drugs and alcohol for medication;
6) Bringing focus to finding solutions to daily challenges that occur due to the symptoms of the condition;
7) Improving total family relationships to bring about more harmonious dynamics between all family members.
8) Talking about and eliminating negative self -judgment and stigma for both clients and affected loved one(s);
9) Creating a space of empathetic non-judgment so clients can express their deep emotions;
10) Addressing the dilemmas of delusion.

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