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Dale Walsh captivates audiences with his stories and examples of his journey with schizophrenia. He has the ability to give an insider’s view to the chaotic experience of this disease. Today as a coach, his primary focus is to help family members deal with their loved one(s) diagnosed with this illness.

Dale was diagnosed 45 years ago and his is an inspiring story of rising from a place of total psychosis and divine delusion to having a coaching practice. After total immersion into the mental health systems. he had been episode free for the last 29. He brings to his clients the insights from his experience of 15 hospitalizations. Drawing from his own years of therapy he has the ability to be empathetic and listen intently to and hear the concerns of his clients..

He is playful, funny and insightful from his “Inside Out” perspective and is a valuable contributor to any discussion about schizophrenia. He lives by the motto “Recovery is Always An Option!”

For further information:
Text: (551)204-6647
Phone: (201)509-0871
Facebook: Dale Walsh from Hackensack, NJ
Facebook Business Page with videos: DaleDewlivelove

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